Unreal Engine Online Classes

in architecture and design for AEC professionals

Start your dream career today! Join the hottest industry of the moment.
Learn to realize anything you can imagine. At your own pace.
All online and remotely. Guided by World Class professionals.
Start your dream career today! Join the hottest industry of the moment.

Learn to realize anything you can imagine.
At your own pace.

All online and remotely. Guided by World Class professionals.

Why Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3d creation tool.
Learning Unreal will open a whole new world of new opportunities in the biggest industries in our world. 

What distinguishes Unreal Engine is its robust ecosystem. Thanks to companies joining forces with Epic such as Quixel, Artstation, Reality Capture, Sketchfab, and it keeps growing.

We have unprecedented access to thousands of free 3d assets, learning resources that we can start using today in our projects.

What will you do if you had the ability to visualize any architectural project in real-time and interact with it?

Time is our most valuable asset. Everything in Unreal happens in real-time.

There is no more waiting for renders, it was never easier to create interactive walkthroughs.

Anyone can download Unreal Engine for free and start creating great things.

In these classes, I will share with you everything I learned about Unreal Engine in the past 6 years in creating bespoke & interactive visualizations of unbuilt architecture and infrastructure.

You will also learn how to create breathtaking cinematics of your work to get the exposure you deserve.
You will learn everything you need to be efficient and fast in visualizing your projects.

About the program

What you get?

Online Classes

VRD Academy Membership

Special support group


Projects Files


What will we learn?

Classes overview

Whether you’re an expert in your field or a novice. In the first lesson, we will learn how Unreal Engine works, navigation, best practices, and all the knowledge you need to get you to speed with Unreal to start working on your projects.

The only way to achieve the best and the highest quality in Unreal is to learn the best practices in preparing your work, from 3d modeling, unwrapping, and how to export.

We will learn all that and more.

Good lighting is one of the most crucial elements in achieving photorealism.

We will learn about the different Global illumination solutions Unreal Engine 4 and 5 has to offer.

How to control time of day and create multiple lighting scenarions and switching between them in real-time.

Life in unreal is much easier when we learn how to create master materials and material instances that we can use over and over across our projects.

We will learn everything to create realistic surfaces with imperfections and how to keep everything organized and move assets between projects.

Blueprint enables artists and non-developers to create and prototype all sorts of functions for your projects.
From simple interactivity like changing furniture and materials to creating tools that can help us build our projects faster, and even an overview of the hottest topic in the AEC industry digital twins.

This is one of my personal favorites, building large-scale environments.

We will learn about the tools and techniques that enable us to create beautiful environments.

From our imagination, or from the real world!


Every breathtaking project deserves a breathtaking cinematic.

We’ll learn about Unreal Engine’s Sequencer tool, and how to animate actors in our projects.

I’ll take you behind the scenes in how I approach creating cinematics for my projects

If you have any questions, doubts, or inquiries. I’m always here to help.

During our classes, we spend the first 30 mins answering your questions, and during the week.

Commitment is key to success.
I follow up with every student until they finish their project.
We both agree that showing your work is the best way to get more work!
We will learn how to export your projects as final packages to showcase to enable your customers to experience your work instead of looking at static images.

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Online Classes

Online Classes

Once you enroll in this training program. Every week we will go live on google meet based on a schedule that you can select to fit your needs.

During our training sessions, students will be able to follow along step by step. We will cover everything you need to start creating our projects from scratch.

From 3d modeling to preparing our projects, Lighting, Materials … etc

We will cover the most common problems and obstacles, how to work around them. and of course, if you got questions or problems we got answers and solutions!

VR Division Academy Premium Membership

You’ll get a premium membership that gives you special access to our Unreal Engine training courses in Archviz, Blueprint, World Building, Free 3D Assets, and much more!

We upload new tutorials weekly that you will not find anywhere else.

The academy is your place to learn Unreal, interact with other students and share your work.

There will be no ads, no distractions, only knowledge. Let’s learn and grow together!

Special support group

Each group has its own communication space on Discord and Telegram to provide technical support, answers to your questions.

It’s our own little community to provide support between live lessons during the week. 

Mentroship Call

Each student has the ability to schedule 30 min call with me to help and guide you in what you should be focusing on next.

Project Files and 3d Assets

To make your life easier, We’ve made a collection of 3d assets and templates you can use in your projects

  • Unreal Engine Project
  • 3D Assets and furniture pack
  • Master Materials
  • Blueprint Essentials for Archviz
  • 3D templates 

book your spot before the 15th of October to save 50%

1 year commitment

$ 830 Until 15th of October
  • 18 Online Classes
  • VRD Academy 12 months Membership
  • Weekly Video Tutorials
  • Special Group Access
  • Discord Tag
  • Technical Support
  • 2 Consultation Calls
  • 3D Assets
  • Discount for groups
  • Limited Seats
6 seats

3 Months Commitment

$ 390 Until 15th of October
  • 8 Online Classes
  • VRD Academy 3 Months Membership
  • Weekly Video Tutorials
  • Special Group Access
  • Discord Tag
  • Technical Suppport
  • 1 Consultation Call
  • 3D Assets
  • Discount for groups
  • Limited Seats
12 seats